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Arnold, D. and Neale, H. (2017) Supercoiling of an excised genomic island represses effector gene expression to prevent activation of host resistance. UWE,

Arnold, D. and Neale, H. (2020) An improved conjugation method for Pseudomonas syringae. UWE,

Arnold, D. and Neale, H. (2016) A low frequency persistent reservoir of a genomic island in a pathogen population ensures island survival and improves pathogen fitness in a susceptible host. UWE,

Atkinson, G. (2019) Hand held technologies for assessment of nutrient digestibility. UWE,

Atkinson, G. (2018) Polarization raw data. UWE,

Atkinson, G. and O'Hara Nash, S. (2021) Precision fibre angle inspection for carbon fibre composite structures using polarisation vision. UWE,

Bird, E. (2016) Facts for Life evaluation. UWE,

Bovill, H. (2020) Bystander intervention for prevention of sexual violence in one UK university. UWE Bristol,

Brady, C. and Orsi, M. (2021) Brenneria goodwinii growth in vitro is improved by competitive interactions with other bacterial species associated with Acute Oak Decline. UWE,

Bremner, P. (2019) Verifiable autonomy. UWE Bristol,

Carmichael, L. and Townshend, T. and Lock, K. and Fischer, T. and Sweeting, D. and Petrokofsky, C. (2017) Reuniting planning and health: Tackling the implementation gaps in evidence, governance and knowledge. UWE,

Chatterton, T. and Anable, J. and Cairns, S. and Wilson, R. (2017) MOT: Motoring and car ownership trends in the UK. UWE,

Cheung, K. Y. (2021) Audit committee financial expertise, accrual and real earnings management. UWE,

Cheung, K. Y. (2021) Capital, liquidity and profitability in European banks. UWE,

Davies, C. (2019) PHAEDRUS: Using Gadamer's interpretive phenomenology to examine the pedagogy of Business Schools. UWE,

Emberton, S. and Simons, C. (2021) Users’ experiences of enhancing underwater images: An empirical study. UWE,

Everett, G. and Lamond, J. (2019) Achieving urban flood resilience in an uncertain future. UWE,

Flurey, C. (2016) Men, masculinity and RA. UWE,

Fogg-Rogers, L. (2019) Validating the EOSS datset Laura Fogg-Rogers 2019. UWE,

Fox, B. G. (2021) Laboratory in situ production of autochthonous and allochthonous fluorescent organic matter by freshwater bacteria. UWE,

Fox, B. G. and Thorn, R. M. and Clayton, G. E. and Reynolds, D. M. (2022) Operational and water quality data from a decentralised, low-maintenance, drinking water treatment system trial, UK, November 2019 to February 2020. NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre,

Fox, B. G. and Thorn, R. M. and Dutta, T. K. and Reynolds, D. M. (2022) Water quality of urban surface freshwater in Kolkata, India, June 2018 to December 2019. NERC EDS Environmental Information Data Centre,

Fraser, M. (2019) New approaches to the detection of echinocandin resistance in Candida glabrata in clinical diagnostic laboratories. UWE,

Herrero-Adan, D. and Cardoso, R. and Adetoro, O. B. (2017) Trimming simulation of forming metal sheets isogeometric models by using NURBS surfaces. UWE,

Horrocks, S. and Pollard, K. and Duncan, L. and Petsoulas, C. and Gibbard, E. and Cook, J. and McDonald, R. and Wye, L. and Allen, P. and Husband, P. and Harland, E. and Cameron, A. and Salisbury, C. (2020) Measuring quality in community nursing: A mixed methods study (QuICN). University of the West of England,

Jeater, D. and Onslow, S. and Berry, A. (2013) Rhodesian forces oral history project. University of the West of England,

Jennifer, P. and Jessica, C. and Nicola, W. and Fiona, C. (2022) A feasibility randomised controlled trial of a Fibromyalgia self-management programme for adults in a community setting with a nested qualitative study (FALCON). UWE,

Jesus, A. (2021) A factor analysis of students class attendance and academic performance. UWE,

Jesus, A. and Stana, Z. (2020) Data: A spectral pedestrian-based approach for modal identification. UWE,

Jones, M. and Kimberlee, R. and Kok, M. (2016) South West wellbeing evaluation / South Glos diabetes prevention evaluation. UWE,

Jones, M. and Orme, J. and Kimberlee, R. and Bray, I. (2016) Food for life evaluation. UWE,

Lamond, J. and Adekola, O. and Ujoh, F. and Bhattacharya-Mis, N. (2022) Adaptation of urban infrastructure to enhance climate resilience in Nigeria. UWE,

Lewis, T. and Grant, P. and Feltham, J. and Filipiak, D. and Mason, T. and Figueroa, A. and Mayne, G. (2021) Herpetofauna found at Caño Palma Biological Station, Cerro Mountain and Tortuguero area. UWE,

Michalec, O. and Sobhani, M. (2020) What is robotics made of? Mapping interdisciplinarity of Bristol Robotics Lab. UWE,

Neale, H. and Arnold, D. and Jackson, R. and Hulin, M. and Harrison, R. (2021) Transposon mutagenesis of Pseudomonas syringae pvs. syringae and morsprunorum to identify genes required to cause bacterial canker disease of cherry. UWE,

Ng, I. and Crowcroft, J. and Rodden, T. and Speed, C. and Parry, G. and Scharf, K. and Maull, R. (2016) Home Hub-of-all-Things (HAT) as Platform for Multi-sided Market powered by Internet-of-Things: Opportunities for New Economic & Business Model. UWE,

O'Donnell, M. P. and Russell, B. and Mahadik, Y. and Takeda, S. and Hammerton, I. and Ward, C. (2022) Cure management of thick composites using vascular inclusions. UWE,

Phillips, J. W. and Ellwood, M. D. F. (2019) Bird's nest ferns promote resource sharing in centipedes. UWE,

Phillips, J. W. and Ellwood, M. D. F. (2019) Bird's nest ferns promote resource sharing in centipedes. UWE,

Preen, R. J. and Bull, L. (2016) On design mining: coevolution and surrogate models. UWE,

Preen, R. J. and You, J. and Bull, L. and Ieropoulos, I. (2018) Design mining microbial fuel cell cascades. UWE,

Russell, J. and Heaton, J. and Underwood, T. and Boughtflower, R. and McCalley, D. (2015) Performance of charged aerosol detection with hydrophilic interaction chromatography. Elsevier Open Access,

Sabey, A. and Biddle, M. (2021) Building capacity among healthcare librarians to teach evidence-based practice – an evaluation. UWE,

Shaw, P. and Lloyd, J. and Plaice, C. (2015) “Out of sight, but not out of mind”. Supporting the library and information needs of health and social care students on placement. UWE,

Slade, E. A. (2020) Biofilms in wounds; using microbial metabolomics for the rapid diagnosis of wound infection. UWE Bristol,

Smith, J. and Simons, C. (2021) Towards a better understanding of the search landscapes associated with Software Class Modelling. UWE,

Stone, J. (2020) Dual Wield: Practical Component. UWE,

Topham, P. (2018) Older adult students' experience of university. UWE,

Topham, P. (2018) Social anxiety in learning: Stages of change in a sample of UK undergraduates. UWE,

Trujillo-Vazquez, A. and Fuller, H. and Klein, S. and Parraman, C. (2022) The amber project: A survey of methods and inks for the reproduction of the color of translucent objects. UWE,

Turton, A. and Cunningham, P. and Heron, E. and Longley, V. and Domaille, C. (2017) Pilot study for a randomised controlled trial of task-specific reach-to-grasp training at home. UWE,

Willey, N. (2022) Radioactivity in future phosphogypsum waste. UWE,

You, J. and Greenman, J. and Ieropoulos, I. (2018) Novel analytical microbial fuel cell design for rapid in situ optimisation of dilution rate and substrate supply rate, by flow, volume control and anode placement. UWE,

You, J. and Preen, R. J. and Bull, L. and Greenman, J. and Ieropoulos, I. (2017) 3D printed components of microbial fuel cells: Towards monolithic microbial fuel cell fabrication using additive layer manufacturing. UWE,

You, J. J. and Walter, X. X. and Greenman, J. J. and Melhuish, C. and Ieropoulos, I. (2016) Stability and reliability of anodic biofilms under different feedstock conditions: Towards microbial fuel cell sensors. UWE,

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